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          家用電器Step Back to the Essence of Massage | The Design Story of Ubunnys U-ONE

          2021-08-02  1912

          Ubunnys, a group of young people pursuing their dreams. It took two years for the new product to be released.

          01 Foreword

          The birth of products means the realization of the dream of "changing the world" of the designer. It's not easy for us to stand out from many similar massages.

          After a lot of research, we focused on ‘cervical spondylosis’, which is listed as the top ten diseases affecting human health by WHO. It all comes from the fact that every day we sit in the office, we all have problems with our cervical vertebrae. So, we make up our minds to solve this problem.

          02 Research

          The purpose of the research is to have a sufficient understanding of the product environment. Designing a product also needs considering many aspects such as manufacturing, commercial feasibility, etc.

          According to the data, more than half of cervical spine patients are young adults aged 20-40. This product development is not only for the general consumers, but also for everyone in front of the screen. It is our original intention to really solve the cervical spine problem.

          So, the market of small cervical massage products mainly divided into two types: kneading and electric pulse.

          Kneading and Electric pulse

          We analyze as follows:

          ①The main function of the product: for massage products, it is to achieve a natural and comfortable massage experience to users and truly relieve users’ cervical discomfort.

          We disassembled other products and researched, and set up a monitoring group to evaluate products professionally.

          Conclusion: Kneading massage imitates ten-finger massage, electric pulse massage stimulates the skin through electric current, and easy to make people feel tingling.

          Kneading massage can imitate ten-finger massage

          ② Product function and industrial design.

          Many products have multiple functions with one button, but without voice prompt. People don’t know whether the buttons they press are the right one they need when wearing them around their necks, so the experience is not good.

          Multiple functions with one button

          It is also found that kneading massage products occupy the users’ hands.

          Kneading massage products occupy the users’ hands

          03 Design

          Definition: design a product that can achieve natural and comfortable massage through kneading massage and people do not need to use their hands to hold the massager.

          ① Bring more value to users

          Kneading massage products on the market: most of them use of 2 massage heads, some of them use 4 massage heads arranged in a rectangle. And we design 4 sets of massage nodes combining 24 beads, targeting the trapezius muscles of the neck with its 3D shiatsu kneading, The distribution of the massage beads expands the massage range and touches more muscles to relieve fatigue.

          4 sets of massage nodes combine 24 beads

          To free of hands, we divergent a lot of ideas, and finally we upgraded the complex lace up form to magnetic buckle. The invisible magnetic buckle is suitable for various neck circumferences, so people don’t have to worry about the size of their neck. Four buttons can be adjusted in size. The magnetic buckle is more durable and not easy to break than normal Velcro.

          Enjoy a Deep Massage Anytime,Anywhere

          ② User experience is important

          For the pursuit of the best product, the control panel has been improved dozens of times, from appearance to function, and even icons.

          We learned from the expert that better massage effect can be achieved through different strength and different temperature of hot compress. We finally decided to use the two-level force adjustment button and the comfortable temperature of 107.6℉. Hot compress technology allows you to relax quickly during the massage process and achieve a good hot compress effect. The heating function can be switched on and off according to your preference. Considering that the user can't see the buttons while using the product, the intelligent voice broadcast system allows you to know various functions and modes more clearly. To avoid interrupting your relaxing time, you can choose to turn off the voice.

          ③ Good products need to be successfully produced

          After several rounds of color design, we named it “Wind blue”, which also contains the spirit of "ride the wind and waves ".

          The color is the most intuitive feeling, while the texture is close to the skin. It is necessary to ensure that the ductility is good when sewing.

          ④ Package Design

          Packaging design is very important.

          When we consider packaging design, due to too many irresistible factors in transportation, we should first consider the protection of the packaging to the product. At first, we only used carton, and then we added the cylinder inner box fitting the round shape of the product.

          let users feel the intention of the product in every ordinary day. When you receive the product, open the package, a thoughtful quick start instruction, below is the carefully protected massage pillow.

          ⑤ Intellectual property is important

          From a higher point of view, patent is a corporate strategy.

          In the process of product development, we filed various patent applications.

          04 Quality first

          We have carefully inspected every product, and we test the products at every key step to ensure the quality of the products.

          05 Ending

          We are not just doing design. We are doing a work of art and a product with soul.


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